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About Me

About Me

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Farid Sabitov

DesignOps Enthusiast with more than 10 years of experience. Working with enterprise companies from Fortune 500 in EPAM. Founder of @xOpsToday

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Lead Experience Designer with 10+ years of experience working in B2B and B2C industries in both SMBs and enterprise size organizations.

Qualifications: essential practices of UX and prototyping with technical background, leading research activities to discover key user needs and business objectives, deep understanding of design management, and product management mindset.

Overall, I would describe myself as a team leader with a passion to simplify and automate processes. I strive for achieving product success with innovative ideas to address a wide range of user and business challenges. Driving new initiatives and lighting up people around.

My career

Self-employed, Arise Agency


Daring & Young, SmartHead, Flatstack




Style Counsel, Salam.io



Key Skills


Design Managemet

Design Systems

Discovery Workshop

Qualitative Research

Behaviour Engineering

Information Architecture

Interaction Design

Quantitative Research

Design Managemet

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